Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Tutorial & Tools

Here's how you can perform a reverse cell phone & unlisted phone number lookup online:

Whether it's unlisted land line numbers, cell phone numbers, 800 (toll free) numbers or any other type of non-public phone number... finding out who owns them can be an incredibly difficult process indeed. Because of a lack of a central "public" directory (unlike the directory which you can search publicly listed numbers), you've got to use the resources available to you online to help you find the information you need.

...and that's what you're going to find out today: how to find out such information as their name and address for their non-public phone number.

Use these simple steps below to stand a very good chance of finding out who they are...


Step 1: Search Engines -

The major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Live all have literally billions (perhaps trillions) of web pages stored in their "index" or databases. These web pages are from all over the World and contain masses and masses of information (much of which you will likely never see). They also contain pages from sites such as social networks, dating networks, blogs and a whole range of different sites which might give you the information you need.

So with this in mind, searching with the largest search engine, Google, will give you the ability to search through these sites extremely quickly indeed. All you need to do is search for the numbers in the following formats:


555 "555-5555"



The quotation marks tell the search engine that you want to find those exact pieces of information in the results it returns. This is essential to our searches because we want to find these exactly sequences of numbers in the hope that some information will be revealed with them.

If you type those different queries into the search engine, you will be able to see the web pages with those numbers on. The chances are that most of the pages will be "reference" pages from the likes of universities, but it's not too uncommon to have the information you need reveal itself.

A good trick when looking this way is to just scour the first couple of pages (2-4) of the results because since they are sorted by relevancy, you will have more of a chance of finding what you need in the first results rather than the last.


Step 2: Social, Dating & Other "Networks" -

It's now a way of life for many people to log onto their MySpace, Facebook or Bebo account daily. These three sites alone have literally hundreds of millions of Internet users, many of whom actually publish a lot of personal information about themselves.

By searching for the phone number through these sites own inbuilt search functionality, you might happen to stumble across some juicy information indeed. The truth be told, many of the people on these sites don't actually put their phone numbers up but some do and it's well worth checking the sites for that.

You could also try some other types of "networks" which include dating networks (depending on how badly you need the information) and even sites like which is a tool that searches "forums".

Because forums are "hubs" or online gatherings of people who are all interested in a particular thing, then you can be sure that many would be willing to type their cell phone number in the things they post. BoardTracker allows you to search through all the forms online easily and quickly. Just type the number in quotation marks into the search box like with Step 1.

Another network you can utilize is one called "Technorati". This site allows you to search "blog" posts for various pieces of information. For the record, "blogs" are a type of web site which allows someone to post what can only be described as diary entries online. Many blogs are personal which means that you stand a better chance of finding a personal phone number on them.


Step 3: Call The Number -

This is a very controversial method to find out who owns a cell phone or unlisted phone number, but it can be extremely rewarding. We are only providing this method for education purposes only and before you perform anything which might actually be unlawful, we strongly suggest you consult a lawyer.

By reading this information, you agree to our terms and conditions which place the responsibility onto you to use this method for legal and moral purposes only. We will not be held responsible for any illegal activities performed with the information we are about to reveal.

Please see this reverse cell phone investigations article about how to approach calling someone with the aim to find out their personal information.


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